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July 21, 2018

Playing Dress Up with Cake

Whether it’s a wedding, milestone celebration or other monumental occasion, once you’ve taken the time to select your confectionery centre piece be sure to take care on its display and play a little dress- up with your cake.

It is quite likely that a cake will be on display before it gets cut and consumed so be sure to shine the proper spotlight on the star of your sweet table. First off, ensure that you have a designated cake table that allows for the most elegant presentation possible. You may wish to use a square or rectangular table to highlight a linear cake whereas a round table presents a cohesive look for a round cake.

Once the table has taken shape, drape it with exquisite fabrics using colorful or graphic motifs. Consider florals to match the cake, encouraging a collaborative effort between cake designer and florist. When it comes to cake displays, start from the bottom and move your way up. The cake base or stand is one of the most important items to consider as it shows off your cake, making it a significant focal point. When choosing a base, size is critical as it needs to be large enough (and sturdy enough) to accommodate your cake. Consider the style of the base as well, do you want a pedestal or a plate? Will there be other items displayed on the table along with the cake? If so, you may wish to coordinate diverse stands with serving plates to create a symmetrical look. Be sure to choose something that draws attention to the cake rather than drawing attention away from it, the cake should remain the focal point.

Top things off, once again with something that is complimentary. Cake toppers have evolved greatly from kitschy plastic figurines. These days anything goes; an heirloom piece such as a fine porcelain antique, finely sculpted chocolate shapes, marzipan molded fruits or flowers, cascading fondant ribbons, fresh blossoms, or monograms, names or phrases die-cut out of materials such as mirrored glass and wood accented with crystals and sparkles.

Choosing the right display for your cake creation is an important finishing touch that will make a statement and compliment the overall theme of your event.

March 30, 2018

Consultations Are a Real Slice

Elegant place settings in ambient surroundings in which to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee alongside an array of sweet temptations. You haven’t stepped into a trendy Toronto hot spot but rather into a consultation to create the confectionary masterpiece for your special day.

Cake Creations by Michelle begins with creating a memorable experience when discussing the details of your most memorable moments. Whether you’re a newly engaged couple envisioning the first slice as husband and wife into your wedding cake; a blushing bride with shower these to match; the celebrant of a milestone birthday and everything in between, you’ll be welcomed into our inviting space to design your dream dessert.

We’re all about the coffee talk as we sit together and take the time to listen and help develop your ideas. We’ll walk you (and your taste buds) through flavor combinations and profiles to create the perfect marriage of cake and cream to be adorned with elements of your vision. We will match color schemes and themes from classic and elegant to fun and playful. Creating your custom cake is simply a slice when it comes to creating the ultimate customer experience.